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Please find basic LABOR ONLY PRICING, Subject to Change; Minimum Trip Charge, 
Material Cost, Travel-Shop Time, and Applicable Taxes: 

Interior                  From $1.35 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT ROLLED (Walls Only 8')
Interior                  From $1.45 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT SPRAYED (Includes Ceiling) 
Doors                    From $1.40 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT (Interior Doors Aprox. $56)
Elastomeric          From $1.50 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT (Exterior Roof)
Exterior                 From $1.60 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT ROLLED (Single Story)
Exterior                 From $1.65 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT SPRAYED (Single Story)
Fascia/Trim           From $1.80 Per Linear Ft - Front-Bottom Only (Single Story)
Fascia/Trim           From $2.50 Per Linear Ft - Front & Bottom Only (2 Story)

Stucco                   From $2.75 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT ROLLED/SPRAYED (SS)

Specialty-Custom  From $5.00 Per Sq Ft
Gates/Fence/     Metal-Wrought Iron 
Entry Ways/        From $6 Per Sq Ft - 1 COAT SPRAYED                  
Screen Doors     (Based on Front/Back Total Sq Footage).

Carpet                 From $7 Per Sq. Ft - Offering Single Room Only.
​Carpet & Pad        From $8 Per Sq. Ft - Offering Single Room Only.
Sub-Flooring       From $8 Per Sq. Ft
Laminate             From $8 Per Sq Ft.
Vinyl Sheet          From $8 Per Sq Ft.
Vinyl Tiles            From $7 Per Sq. Ft. 
Tile, Grout, Seal  From $13 Per Sq Ft (Aprox. 12"x12" SBG Tile)
Custom               From $15 Per Sq Ft 

Tile, Grout, Seal   From $13 Per Sq Ft (Aprox. 12"x12" SBG Tile)
Custom                 From $15 Per Sq Ft  
(Base, Wall, Surround)


Spot Patch/Mud     Price $195...Up to 12"x12"
                               Additional $10 Per Sq Ft.                                     

Replace/Tape         Up to 4'x8' Sheet....$320
                                     $10 Per Sq Ft.

Texturing                 ​Up to 4'x8' Sheet...$256
​                                     $8 Per Sq Ft

​Popcorn Ceiling       Price $195....Up to 12"x12")

(No Asbestos)
Removal                    Additional $2.50 Per Sq Ft.
Install INTERIOR PRE-HUNG DOOR         $260
     (Using Existing Hardware).             $195
Install EXTERIOR PRE-HUNG DOOR         $455 
      (Using Existing Hardware).            $390     

Base                From $5.00 Per Linear Ft
Crown            From $6.00 Per Linear Ft

BLOCK CUTS for Gates
Up to 4' Opening 6' High                         $325          
Up to 6' Opening 6' High                         $475 
Up to 8' Opening 6' High                         $650
Up to 12' Opening 6' High                       $800
            (Includes Disposal Fee)
Finishing Concrete ($7.00 Ft)
Finishing Stucco ($11.00 Ft)

Gates/Fence          Metal-Wrought Iron
Entry Ways/           From $15.00 Sq Ft
Custom                  From $19.00 Sq Ft

​​Material & Labor: (Standard Builder's Grade-In Stock)  Based On Single Job 3-Hours Scheduled, purchased, delivered, exchanged & Disposal.
Toilet w/Wax Ring                              $485
​Garbage Disposal 1/2 HP                    $370        
Bathroom Faucet                               $355
Kitchen Faucet                                   $385     
Ceiling Fan 52" w/Light Kit               $375  

Tucson reo property preservation services


Kitchen-Bathroom Remodeling; Exchange Sinks-Tubs-Shower-Countertop-Cabinets.

Commercial-Residential Remodeling Contractor from preparation for investment property to sell, buy, show, or rent; create or divide for additional space-walls, kitchen-bathroom remodeling, replace-install doors, flooring, painting, drywall, install-build-set up displays, weld a closure on a pool gate, replace a leaking faucet, exchange a toilet, or replace a chipped counter top, or adding a fresh coat of paint.  GET IT READY is here to help you with  your multiple projects. Our crew provides superb services and repairs with a guarantee workmanship finish.  


GET IT READY is a family owned business and brings 15 plus years of home repairs, remodeling, residential improvements, and maintenance experience, so we've seen it all!  Home improvements often starts out with the need to replace a leaking faucet, exchange a toilet, or replace a chipped counter top, adding a fresh coat of paint, and ends up with replacement of doors, cabinets and flooring. "Our Crew Knows What it Takes to Make Your Asset Shine!" From small projects to big ones, we've got your needs covered!  We can help you out with just a simple caulking the tub or windows, install shelves or blinds, to remodeling for a new home shine; painting, laminate-vinyl-ceramic flooring, add base molding, drywall-tape-texture, exchange toilets and light fixtures.  Also, providing block cuts in preparation of a gate, add perforated sheet metal screening to doors-entry way as attempt to keep critters clear, and cat barrier around your yard.   Our crew are also more than happy to answer any of your questions along the way. GET IT READY is business license as Residential Remodeling Contractor, carries General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Bonded.  GEORGE THATCHER, Member, advanced his trade with Arizona Registrar of Contractors License, ROC #294500 Class CR-61 Residential Remodeling & Repair Contractor, Carpentry, Remodeling & Repairs, and General Remodeling & Repair Contractor (Commercial & Residential) LICENSE ROC, BONDED, AND INSURED.   

GET IT READY!  Remodeling Contractor-Handyman (520) 303-1498 Office, Tucson, AZ  License ROC, Bonded, Insured

Get it Ready Tucson Handyman Remodeling Contractor
Pima County, Tucson, AZ 85743 US
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VALUE:Get it Ready is a Family Owned Local Business Our Crew, Remodeling Contractor, Handyman Offers Experience Skilled Workmanship Guarantee for Residential or Commercial Multi-Projects; Providing Tools and Equipment for a Professional, Quality, Creating Your Vision, Paying Attention to Detail, with a Clean Finish.  Our Goal is to provide a Friendly, Trustworthy, Courteous Service with Integrity and Follow-up in Hopes of Your 100% Satisfaction and Completion in a Timely Manner.  Providing our Employees a Livable Wage, 401K, Safety, Drug Free Environment.  Offering Our Seniors, Military, Veterans, Civil Servants, Returning Customers, and Referrals a Discount.  "We Know What it Takes to Make Your Asset Shine!" 


Standard Handyman Hourly Rate $65 
(Requires Minimum $130 Commitment, Includes Travel-Shop Time).   
Additional Laborer Hourly Rate $50
Specialty Hourly Rate $75 
(Requires Minimum $150 Commitment, Includes Travel-Shop Time). 
Welding, Incidental Plumbing-Electrical, Irrigation, Trouble-Shooting, Etc. 
Plus Cost of Materials and Applicable Taxes x 45%  
Minimum TRIP CHARGE $130 (Pima County)
Non-Scheduled URGENT TRIP CHARGE $165                                                       

GET IT READY provides services of securing REO (Real Estate Owned) vacant properties; re-keys, board ups, re-glaze windows, to debris removal, trashouts, (per cubic yard pricing), cleanups, to initial yard maintenance and ornamental tree trims; working closely to build trust with integrity of a job well done for our property preservation clients; banks, vacant residential or commercial, local and out-of-town Investors, Property Managers, Brokers, Realtors, regional and national services providing before, during, after 640 x 480 digital photos in a timely manner.

License, Bonded, Insured


                     8:00 am-4:30 pm

  "We Know What it Takes to Make Your Asset Shine!"


                                   ROC #294500 Class CR61

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Standard Handyman Hourly Rate  $65

Minimum 2 Hours Commitment..For Our Military, Veterans, Civil Servants, and Seniors (65 Years Old and Above).

Get It Ready, LLC is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in Tucson, AZ
3% Transaction Fee is Applicable


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reo Property Preservation SERVICES 

Whether it's door install, building a deck-awning, painting, drywall, carpentry, roof patching, flooring, tiling, incidental

 electrical or plumbing, we're here to help you get it fixed. 

We have everything you need for repairs or remodeling of your home or business.

Offering vacant property preservation services; debris removal, board ups, re-keys, and cleanouts.  Call us today for scheduling and pricing. 

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Tucson Remodeling Contractor, Handyman Repairs, REO Property Preservation Services, Home Repairs-Improvements-Maintenance, Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling, Tile, Flooring, Drywall, Painting, Door-Window Installation, Block Wall Cuts, Exchange Fixtures, Incidental Plumbing-Electrical. License ROC, Bonded, Insured